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Mr & Mrs F. W in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. California, USA.

Hi, I’m Steve. I’m from the UK and live with my wife in Australia. We are two people from opposite ends of the globe with similar interests, goals and motivations.

Both my wife and I enjoy travelling and enjoy working overseas. I was lucky enough to spend my childhood growing up in Oman and visit many countries before moving to work in Spain, and for a period was also able to remote work in Malaysia. We then both came to live in Australia to be able to start our life together, and while we’ve had some good trips already, we plan to be able to see much more in the future. To do this we like to save.

Although we are natural savers, we never really had a good enough ‘Why’ for saving. Saving is good, and enabled us to have some great experiences like a mini around-the-world trip in 23 days in 2019, but saving for saving’s sake was still missing something.

While what is important to us changes over time, it is time itself that we tend to value more the older we become. We would like to be in a better position to be able to spend that time doing what matters to us in the future. To that end, we choose to live relatively frugal and simple lifestyle now, so aside from travelling, we also enjoy cooking, gardening, art, music, reading and walking.

We will share our journey, both travelling and around the home, both past and present, tips and other useful things that might inspire others who are also interested in such things. Maybe our opinions will change, or maybe this journal’s emphasis will change, but that’s okay, as the world is a changing place and we would like to move with it and be a part of the future. Whatever happens, we hope you enjoy following us on our journey 🙂 .

Thanks for visiting!